Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

Journey into the unknown

Shall I go mourn for you, my dear?
By a sycamore tree
A ship makes it way loaded with fear
To the goddess of the night

I watch her trembling in the cold
She draw into the light

The midnight assist her relish moan
Is she timeless bliss
or my sempiternal bleakly tomb?

I say no
That ship has sailed, yes

I tell you, that ship has sailed, my dear
You are a bride of hell

I know
I know
I know
I know

When you call I follow
I am a fawn who fears
That day you call
I'm there to dry your tears

They are twohundred men
Who shipped that mighty keel
Every day through the maniac sea

Every single man
On this lost ship of fools
Felt the same bittersweet pain
As I feel

So listen to me son
She is a sheep in wolf's fur
And I know she feels no sorrow in the end

(mein erster Text zu einer dramatischen Musik
Die muss sich der geneigte Leser jetzt eben mal vorstellen)

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