Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013


Bukowski warned us:
never take a course in creative writing
it's the perfect cure for creativity
I should have realized it
as I went down the steps into the moldy old basement
which wasn't fucking fucked
but alternative, slipper-wearing, I-feel-you, can't do shit,
fuck-off feminist threats on the bathroom door
as if a woman would suddenly get the urge
to take a piss standing up
The instructor was not humorless, no, he was humor-resistent
blathering "Show, don't tell" constantly
which didn't mean
that we were supposed to take our clothes off
which would have given the whole bullshit a bit of interest
If this day were a country, it'd be Belgium, that's what went through my head
even the worst day in my entire life was better
than the best moment in this weekend workshop in Vienna
If only I had listened to old Buk,
I wouldn’t have had to throw myself into the Danube

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